Standard Bonus Points

When you make payments on standard pricing tiers within our platform, you automatically become eligible to earn standard bonus points at no additional cost to yourself. Here's how it works:

  • Card Payments: Earn 1 point for every $10 spent.

Rewards Accelerator

If you choose to earn further rewards by opting in to the Rewards Accelerator on your payments, there will be a percentage-based fee applicable. The percentage charged is dependent on the selected tier that you select at the time. Here's a breakdown of the Rewards Accelerator tiers, with their associated point earn rate and fee (excluding GST):

Rewards Accelerator TierPoints EarnedBonus Point Fee (ex GST)
Standard (Card Payments) 1 point per $100%
Bronze (Card Payments) or
Standard (Bank Transfer)
1 point per $4
Silver1 point per $21%
Gold1 point per $1
Platinum2 points per $14%
Tungsten4 points per $1
Black8 points per $1
10 points per $1

Rewards Accelerator fees are separate from credit card processing fees. For a comprehensive understanding of our fees, you can refer to our support article: What are the fees? or visit our pricing page for detailed insights.