Meet Sarah, one of our valued clients, and a true advocate for unlocking the full potential of loyalty rewards. As a frequent traveler and a rewards enthusiast, Sarah recognized the immense value of our Rewards Accelerator. She seized the opportunity to elevate her rewards and maximise her benefits.

Earning Potential with Diamond Tier

Sarah's business had an outstanding invoice of $15,000, and she was determined to make the most of her Qantas loyalty program. When paying via Bank Transfer and choosing the Diamond Tier through the Rewards Accelerator, Sarah unlocked a world of rewards potential:

Rewards Accelerator Tier: Diamond - Earn 10 points for every $1 spent.

Invoice Amount: $15,000.

Here's what happened:

Total Qantas Points Earned: 150,000 points.

Cost of Points: $3,300.


Now, let's talk about the incredible value Sarah uncovered. A Qantas Classic Reward business class flight to London costs 144,600 points, or approximately $10,000. However, with the Rewards Accelerator, Sarah earned a remarkable 150,000 points at a cost of just $3,300.

That's a saving of approximately $6,700! With her points, Sarah can now embark on her journey to London without the financial strain that often accompanies such an adventure.

Are you ready to follow in Sarah's footsteps and unleash the full potential of your rewards? The Rewards Accelerator is your key to significant savings and unforgettable experiences.