To use the Rewards Accelerator, you'll first need to connect to a Reward Program. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in our How to Connect to a Reward Program guide.

Once you've successfully connected to a Reward Program, let's dive into how to make the most of the Rewards Accelerator. Here's how to get started:

  1. Log in to the platform.
  2. Select Create Payment and choose the type of payment you want to make (e.g. Supplier Invoices, ATO, or Wages*).
  3. Proceed to enter in the details of your payment.
  4. As you reach the Processing page, you'll see the Rewards Accelerator^. Simply adjust the dropdown box or slider to your desired tier**.
  5. While moving the slider, you'll see the corresponding bonus points and the associated fee updating in real-time. This information will be displayed within the "Summary" section on the far right of the Processing page.
  6. Once you have selected your Rewards Accelerator tier, proceed to authorise and process your payments.

With these easy steps, you can harness the full potential of the Rewards Accelerator to maximise your rewards.

*The Rewards Accelerator is currently not available on the Pay off Credit Card payment flow.

**The Tungsten, Black, and Diamond tiers can only be selected from the drop-down box. 

^The Rewards Accelerator is currently only available to clients on standard pricing tiers. If you are interested in accessing the Rewards Accelerator and need to adjust your pricing settings, please reach out to our customer service for assistance.