Our platform enables you to pay off your American Express Personal or Business card instantly, whilst earning 1 frequent flyer point for every $4 spent in the process!

Please note that Additional, Supplementary, or Corporate Cards are not eligible to activate an American Express PayID.

Simply follow the steps listed below to pay off an American Express card via PayID.

Step 1: Activating Your American Express PayID

Before you are able to pay off your American Express card within our platform, you must first Activate your American Express card's PayID. To set up your American Express card's PayID, follow the below steps.

  1. Activate your Amex Card PayID by visiting amex.com.au/activatepayid or by logging into your Amex Online Account, selecting the ‘Payments’ tab and clicking on ‘View or Activate your PayID’. 

  2. Select the Amex Card PayID you would like to view or activate, and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can activate your American Express card's PayID by visiting americanexpress.com/en-au/credit-cards/manage-your-card/pay-bill/payid/.

Step 2: Create a Payment

Once you have successfully activated your PayID, follow the below steps to pay off your card via our platform.

  1. Login to our platform.
  2. Click Create Payment, and select Pay off Credit Card.

  3. If you haven't added a card before, you'll be prompted to add one. If you have, choose Add Card to provide your American Express card's PayID details.

  4. If you have previously entered your American Express card's PayID information and wish to modify the payment amount, simply choose Update Amount.

  5. Select Next and proceed to authorise and process your payments.

Step 3: Transfer Options to Payment Logic and Yak Pay

After completing the payment setup within our platform, a popup window will appear, providing you with transfer details. You have two options for transferring funds to Payment Logic and Yak Pay:

Option 1: PayID (Faster - Instant Payment)

In order for your card to be paid off instantly you will need to forward us the funds via PayID. PayID enables instant payments, allowing us to receive your funds instantly and pay off your card promptly. To make a PayID transfer to our bank account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your online banking platform.
  2. Add our PayID details in your online banking platform by selecting the Email option.
  3. Enter your unique PayID email address, which is assigned to your Payment Logic or Yak Pay account. This address is not the same as your American Express card's PayID address.
  4. Similar to EFT transfers, ensure you use the reference code provided in the popup window, which will be different for each new payment.

  5. Proceed to process the payment from your internet banking account.

Option 2: EFT (Slower - Overnight Payment)

EFT, or Electronic Funds Transfer, is a slower payment method that typically takes one business day to complete. This will mean that your American Express card is not able to be paid off instantly, and will be delayed by the time it takes for us to receive the funds. To proceed with an EFT transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your online banking platform.
  2. Create a new payee called "Payment Logic" or "Yak Pay" using the BSB and account numbers displayed in the popup window within our platform.

  3. Each time you create a new payment, make sure to use the unique reference code provided in the popup window.
  4. Proceed to process the payment from your internet banking account.

Once we have received the funds we will recognise the funds have been received and notify you via email. The funds will then be forwarded to your American Express card instantly and will typically arrive within a minute.

Please note that some banks do not facilitate PayID transactions or have prescribed maximum transfer limits. Your bank may impose limits on the value of payments from your bank account (for example, daily limits or single transaction limits). 

Processing Times

Once you have paid the funds to our account, the following American Express Terms & Conditions apply:

"Payments to your American Express Card Account should arrive in under a minute, and you will have access to use that credit immediately once we have received the payment. However, your balance in the Online Account or Amex App will be updated at different times depending on your Card type. For Credit Cards, your ‘Available Credit’ will be updated immediately upon receiving your payment and ‘Current Balance’ will be updated within 24 hours. For Charge Cards, your ‘Current Balance’ will be updated within 24 hours after receiving your payment. Account balance updates and payments will appear on your online statement under ‘Transactions’ within 24 hours