We take security seriously. With Payment Guardian, your payments are protected by four key security protocols above and beyond the bank regulations.

Payment Guardian checks to ensure:

  • You are paying a valid business. We check that the ABN status of your payee is still valid. 
  • It is not a duplicate payment. We check for any of your recent payments that match the Amount paid and the Invoice Number. We then warn you if we think it is a duplicate.
  • It is an authorised payment. This logs the user that authorises the payment.
  • Disbursement Details. We check the Bank Account or BPAY details that you have used for your payment, and how that compares to other payees in our system. This may indicate an error in the bank details submitted.
  • You are only paying GST when required. By checking whether or not your payee is currently registered for GST we are able to ensure that you are only paying GST when required.

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