To add a card, follow the steps as listed below:

  1. Login to the platform.
  2. Select Cards in the left hand menu.
  3. Select Add Card in the top right hand corner.
  4. Enter in the card details within the fields as prompted.
  5. Enter in the card CVV (for VISA/Mastercard this is the 3 digit code found on the back of the card, for Amex the CVV is the 4 digit number found on the front of the card).
  6. Lastly, select Verify.

Don’t have a statement? If you have just received a new card you may yet to have received a statement. This is fine. In lieu of a statement we can accept other items, however they must display the last 4 digits of your card number and the card holder's name, these may include: 

  • A screenshot from your card providers internet/ mobile app.
  • An Image of the back of the card (ensuring that the CVV and all but the last 4 digits of the card number are covered for security reasons).
  • Proof of issuance.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please email us or schedule a call by Clicking Here.