As part of the use of the Payment Logic system, we require for you to supply us with the first page of your Amex statement. This allows us to verify that you have a valid Amex card and the last 5 numbers of the card.

It typically looks like this -

If you have not received your first statement, then you can login to the American Express portal ( and download a statement summary (which is most likely blank)

  • go to “Your Statement” then “Download PDF Statements”

    • then download a statement summary. 

  • if there is no statement - go to “Your Statement” then “Your Card Activity”

    • then take a screen grab of the details.  

Once you have the statement file saved by either method above, please login to the Payment Logic portal, then go to the “Cards” menu on the left. When adding or editing your card, upload the statement.

If you have any questions, let us know.