Our platform enables you to both earn additional bonus points on top of the reward points from your credit card's reward program as well as earning frequent flyer points on Bank Transfer payments - something that wasn't previously possible. In this help article, we'll explain how you can maximise your bonus points by illustrating the earning structure for both Credit Card and Bank Transfer payments.

Earning Bonus Points with Credit Card Payments:

When you make payments with a card on our platform, you not only earn the full reward points from your card's reward program but also receive bonus frequent flyer points. For every $10 spent, you earn 1 bonus point, regardless of the payee. These bonus points can be redeemed through our platform for either Qantas Business Rewards or Velocity Frequent Flyer points, depending on your preference.

Earning Points with Bank Transfer Payments:

If you choose to make payments via Bank Transfer, you can still earn frequent flyer points. For every $4 spent through Bank Transfer, you earn 1 bonus point. These bonus points can also be redeemed for Qantas Business Rewards or Velocity Frequent Flyer points.

Maximising Your Bonus Points:

To make the most of your bonus points, consider the following tips:

  • Use cards for payments: Opt for card payments whenever possible to earn bonus points in addition to your card's full reward points.
  • Explore both payment options: Depending on the payment method that suits you best, utilise both Credit Card and Bank Transfer options strategically to accumulate more points.

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