There are no subscription, account management or hidden fees. You only pay a small processing fee on each payment.

The fees associated with each payment method are as follows:

  • American Express fee of 1.69%-2.15%
  • Visa fee of 1.2%
  • Visa ( fee of 1%
  • Mastercard (Premium) fee of 1.2%
  • Mastercard (Standard) fee of 0.8%
  • Bank Transfer fee of 0.6%

Please note, the fees listed above are exclusive of GST.

Note: If you utilise a Visa or Mastercard for your business transactions sign up to Yak Pay (

Tip: We recommend that you speak with your tax adviser as you may be eligible to claim a percentage back on the fees.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please email us or schedule a call by Clicking Here.