Utilising our platform enables you to optimise your cash flow, payment efficiencies and rewards earned. 

The platform provides the most efficient and rewarding B2B payments platform in the Australian market. The value of the points accrued is far greater than the fees charged, especially when redeemed for travel. In fact, many of our clients utilise our platform to accrue enough points to completely offset their travel expenses. 

In addition to earning the full points from your credit card's reward program for every payment processed, we issue 1 bonus Qantas or Velocity point for every $10 dollars spent on all card transactions.

We enable you to optimise your cashflow by allowing you to pay the way you want to who you want, with payment options including AMEX, Visa, Mastercard or Bank Transfer. 

Supplier doesn't accept credit card? No problem, simply upload their bank account or BPAY details into our portal, pay with your preferred card and we will forward the funds to them via an EFT payment.

The fees are charged per individual transaction and there are no ongoing subscription, account management or hidden fees. You simply pay a percentage of your transaction as a fee when processing.

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