If using our Bank Transfer option, you will be required to transfer funds to our bank account to complete your payments. 

After you have created the payment in our portal, you will be shown the details for bank transfer, and you can select from 2 options.
- NPP (Fast Payment)
- EFT (Overnight)  

For security reasons we have deliberately not shown the details here, as they are shown to you in the secure logged in portal. 

The screen will look like this - 

You will then need to log into your internet banking and transfer the funds to us.
 - be sure to include the exact $ amount, and the unique reference number. 

If using the NPP (or sometimes called OSKO, PayID or Fast Payments) our unique identifier is our ABN. When creating the new payee in your online banking use the option for ABN or Business Number.  (not Organisation ID)

To check if your bank allows payments via NPP, search at this link - https://nppa.com.au/find-an-institution/

Once the funds have been transferred to us, we will recognise the funds have been received, and then notify you via email.
 - the funds will then be paid out to your payees, normally around 5pm each day, and funds received overnight by the payee. 

If you have any questions, let us know - Email Us