The ability to utilise multiple cards for payment processing applies to those that have either: multiple American Express cards loaded and set up in Payment Logic or multiple Visa / Mastercard's loaded in Yak Pay.

When creating a payment, when you get to the Card selection page, you can now select multiple cards in a defined order. This will allow you to charge as much as possible on card 1 until credit is exhausted, then move onto card 2 until credit is exhausted, etc...

This will simplify the payment creation and processing of your payments by allowing you to pre-select the order in which the cards are charged. On the "Select Card - Card selection" page, there are 3 new items you will need to setup.

- select the "Multiple" option for card processing.

- set the "Use Card" toggle on the right to "On" for the cards that you wish to use for payment processing (green).

- set the order of cards by using the "drag and drop" method to place them in the right order (this is done by clicking, holding and then dragging the said card to suit your preferred order)

There is a video link on the page to show further details - Alternatively Click Here for a demonstration.