Our Referral Program is open to all accountants, bookkeepers and businesses with an ABN.

Both Payment Logic and Yak Pay can help you increase the value of your service to your clients. In addition to the many benefits your client(s) will receive from utilising the platforms, you can also earn 10bps (0.1%) commission payments for any clients that you refer to Payment Logic or Yak Pay.

For more information on the referral programs click on one of the following links

Payment Logic (American Express): https://www.paymentlogic.com.au/refer/ 

Yak Pay (Visa and Mastercard): https://www.yakpay.com/refer

To signup as a referrer click on the following link and follow the prompts -

Payment Logic (American Express): https://web.paymentlogic.com.au/#/referral-signup 

Yak Pay (VISA and Mastercard): https://web.yakpay.com/#/referral-signup 

You only need to sign up once, as the program works across both platforms.