If you use MYOB as your accounting software, you may choose to export your contacts from MYOB and then import them into our system.

MYOB Help Website - Click Here

You can export all of your Contacts out of MYOB and then import them into the our system as Payees

Login to MYOB

  • Go to the File menu

  • Go to the Import / Export assistant

  • Export your contacts from MYOB.  (CSV / Excel)

Login to Payment Logic / Yak Pay

  • Go to "My Payees" in the left menu

  • Click on "Add Payee" in the top right hand corner

  • Select "Excel/CSV file upload"

  • Upload the file you previously downloaded from MYOB

  • Match up all the columns via our drag and drop wizard

  • Then Import the payees by selecting "Next" in the bottom right hand corner  

All of your new "Payees" will then be saved within our system for you to make payments to.