If you use MYOB as your accounting software, you may choose to export your contacts from MYOB and then import into our system.

MYOB Help Website - http://help.myob.com/wiki/display/ar/Exporting+data

You can export all of your contacts out of MYOB and then import them into the our system as Payees. 

Login to MYOB

  • Go to the File menu

  • Go to the Import / Export assistant

  • Export your contacts from MYOB.  (CSV / Excel)

Login to our system

  • Go to My Payees in the left menu
  • Select Excel/CSV file upload
  • Upload the file you previously downloaded from MYOB
  • Match up all the columns via our drag and drop wizard
  • Then Import the Payees.  

All of your Payees will then be saved within our systemthe Payment Logic system to make payments to.