If you use MYOB as your accounting software, you can extract an ABA file from MYOB to make payments in our system.

Within MYOB, in the Accounts section on the banking tab, setup the details as per below. 

  • BSB -  033 172
  • Account Number -  570844 
  • Account Name - Payment Logic
  • Trading Name - Payment Logic
  • Tick the box for “I create ABA files”
  • Bank Code - WBC
  • Direct Entry User ID - 444799
  • Direct Entry File - Do NOT tick the “Self Balancing” tick box.

When you wish to make a payment for invoices owed, you can then create an ABA file from within MYOB.
 - save the file you exported from MYOB on your desktop.

Login to Payment Logic

  • Select “Create Payment” in the left menu.

  • Select “ABA file upload”

  • Select “Browse” and then select the ABA file you saved to your desktop.

  • Then click Next to continue onwards to make payment.